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Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2000 Certification acquired
Quality system

In March of 2003, the company was awarded the international certification for the guarantee of quality, "ISO 9001:2000." Hereafter, we will continue to strive for improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction.

Conduct models

In order to achieve customer satisfaction and trust, as well as a high reputation in our society, through the provision of high quality service, our company has created 5 spiritual models for our employees to follow while they carry out their duties.

Furthermore, based on our corporate principals, each employee must follow the creed represented by the company's name, "Gassho" and reach out to the heart of our customers, perfecting customer communication as they work at their respective jobs.

Quality Policy

Our policy is to provide service that meets the needs and expectations of our customers, through a complete command of technology.
Through the employment of a product quality management system covering all of the items requested, and through constant improvement to the effectiveness of that system, we intend to eradicate the occurrence of poor product quality.
Aiming for technical innovation, we will provide high product quality and high value-added service.

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